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So, why did I start another food blog?

Cherry Pie, again

I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease for over six years now; the only “cure” is to maintain a gluten-free (‘GF’) diet. Since then, I’ve started preparing nearly all my own meals, and have drastically altered my grocery and kitchen routines.

In addition to staying on track with my diet, I also try to stay healthy, fit, and informed about all the different approaches to living and eating.

Navigating the world of gluten-free food can be a bit challenging at first, but, if you are like me, you may discover more options than before your diet imposed ‘restrictions’.

My hope is that you will see from my everyday life that it is possible to take control of your eating and health, even while on a GF diet.

I’ve largely converted to eating vegetarian, and am increasingly interested in the raw food movement, veganism, organic and local eating, and supporting ethical agriculture. I try to simplify my diet in terms of nixing scary additives and eating lots of fresh produce and good fats.

I see food preparation as a way to embrace the pleasures of eating in an informed way; knowing that I am the one who has chosen quality ingredients and that the food has been made according to my specific needs. It is my ‘rebellion’ against passive consumerism, though I am far from perfect, and am constantly learning and adapting.

Daily, I embrace the arts of the kitchen, to join the protest against the idea that commercially prepared food is somehow superior to what I can make myself.

The daily kitchen.

The daily kitchen.

Still, there is quite a bit of moderation going on (not to mention a lot of cooking/baking flops), but I’m working on it:


Sprinkle cereal happens.

The idea for this site stems from wanting to host a collective food diary featuring a different set of GF meals, every day, for a year. It would be a grand mosaic of options put together by the many faces of GF eaters everywhere. Interested in contributing? I’d love it! Drop me an email and we can chat.

I also run The Cinnamon Quill, where I document my baking trials and recipes.

Here, I will primarily focus on the food I eat every day, quick and simple recipes, lifestyle tips, a bit of fitness, useful products, and other food news.

I read countless food blogs, and credit many with keeping me motivated in good food and a healthy lifestyle. My grand hope is that GF Everyday will do the same, though broadcast from a slightly different outlook. I am not always able to participate in some of the trends that the blog foodies are touting (like Ezekiel bread, wheatgrass, many energy bars), so while I face some ‘limitations’ I have discovered a slew of alternatives, and hope to share those with you.


Thank you for stopping by; feel free to ask any questions, though I may not be able to answer them, I can direct you to someone who can. I may be reached via the comments, or by emailing me at wayofbaking at gmail.com