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Day 2: Chia Pets Like Cereal

Today was a day of shopping and discovering. Discovering new food items, that is.

We visited a small health food store that I’d never been to; it was just the kind of place I grew up going to–kind of musty, with a dab of patchouli, but a real treasure trove of items. It was a bit pricier than the co-op, or Whole Foods, but I do aim to support businesses like this. I have to admit that I found myself rejecting to buying a whole lot, thinking I’ll just get it cheaper in a week or two when I visit the co-op. But, this little place actually had a lot of items that the co-op doesn’t have, which was a great incentive to fill up my basket.


Chia Goodness cerealThis stuff was $7.50, which is quite a bit for a package of cereal, especially for someone who scoffs at the $4 boxes of EnviroKidz. But I’ve read much about it, and the serving size is only 2 tablespoons, so I gave it a try. And when I say gave it a try, I mean I came home and ripped open the package before I’d even put away the refrigerated items. It didn’t thicken so well, but I immersed it into cold coconut milk, so perhaps that’s why. What a lovely combination! This will be a regular item around here. As long as I can afford it. There are other flavors too, but this was the only one they carried. More on that soon!

–Bob’s Red Mill GF oats. Not my favorite oats, as my last bag was chock full of oat-hulls, but Amazon is currently out of Cream Hill Estates, so I happily settled.


Raw Revolution Hazelnut Chocolate food bar. I don’t buy too many of these, but I’ve read much about these and am eager to try it. It has sprouted flax in it, cool!


So Delicious Coconut Milk (from the refrigerated section)
Very excited to try this! The price was $5.69. I often use canned organic coconut milk for drinking and cooking, but we’ll see how this fares! It does have a bunch of added vitamins and some sugar, but it’s soy free.


Soap Nuts. These work incredibly well, and even better than the All detergent that I previously used. I am allergic to a lot of laundry soaps, so these have been a huge help. I use about 5 ‘soap nuts’ in a drawstring bag, per load. The nuts are good for about 4-5 loads in my small washer. I add a drop of essential oil for a clean scent as well. You can also make a liquid by boiling the soap nuts, but I haven’t tried it yet. Previously, I’ve purchased from this site, where you can also learn more.

My laundry set-up: Soap nuts, drawstring bag, essential oil = clean!

My laundry set-up: Soap nuts, drawstring bag, essential oil = clean!

Farmer’s Market!

Local and oh-so-lovely..

Local and lovely produce.

A small, but successful trip to the market yielded the missing produce for the week. And, two giant zucchini, which I can’t get over. Oh, the plans I have for the zucchini…bread, muffins, fries, chips, fritters, soup, noodles, and whatever else I can figure out. Plus, did I mention the zucchini were $1 each? Onions, $1/3. Pickling cucumbers $1/4. Potatoes $1.

A lovely day of shopping.


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