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Day 11: Curry, Pickles, and Jel(lo)

(But, not together.)


You’ve probably heard of ‘three ingredient peanut butter cookies’ that are essentially (with a few variations), 1 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 egg. Well, I’ve been thinking about some kind of healthy variation, as I love the idea of eating peanut butter cookies for breakfast. So, this was an experiment, here are the ingredients:

GF Everyday Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookie Experiment

-1/2 cup natural peanut butter
-1/4 cup oats
-2 tablespoons honey
-2 tablespoons brown sugar
-1 egg
-1/8 teaspoon baking soda

Mix all ingredients together and bake on lightly oiled sheet at 350F for 8-10 minutes.

I think these turned out very well, though almost cake-like because of the whole egg. Next time I’ll probably try using just the egg yolk. I think the sugar could be further reduced, especially when, like I did, chocolate chips are added.

Lunchtime Antics:


Remember those farmer’s market cucumbers I bought? Today I made pickles! I pretty much followed the recipe found here. I don’t actually like pickles, but I’ve always wanted to make them. It’s quite a fun process. These are of the ‘refrigerator’ variety, so I didn’t have to worry about canning.

Fresh dill for pickles.

Fresh dill for pickles.

After all that fun, it was time for lunch, something I’ve been craving for a while, Dum Aloo. I don’t have much experience cooking Indian food, so I stick to the directions, aside from adding more/less spices to taste. I found this recipe, but downsized it for the 3 Yukon Gold potatoes I had on hand. I also upped some of the spices, and reduced others. I added lots of peas, and had it alongside one of the English muffins with garlic + butter (my last-minute version of naan), and some cottage cheese (odd, but it worked):


I would definitely make the Dum Aloo again. The potatoes were perfectly tender, with a nice amount of spice.

Annnnd, then the fun continued:


Nearly two years ago, I purchased this ‘jel dessert’ from Vegan Essentials to put in someone’s stocking. I thought it was silly and novel, especially since Jell-o doesn’t get any press time in this house.


It was incredibly sweet! Wow; all sugar + a hint of cherry cough syrup. But definitely worth a try! Plus, vegan ‘jel’ gels in about an hour, so there isn’t much waiting.



More potting soil chia cereal.



  • Smitten Kitchen’s Summer Squash and Potato Torte (I halved the recipe)
  • Vegan With a Vengeance’s Black-Eyed Pea and Quinoa Croquettes (I made them sans mushroom sauce, used red quinoa, and coated them in GF cornflake crumbs.)
  • Corn bisque gravy (Basically a reduced corn bisque with a bit of coconut milk, butter, sage, thyme, and rosemary)
  • Closet Cooking’s Maple Glazed Carrots w/ Dill (I used honey instead of maple)
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