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Day 14: Pizza For Breakfast

Actually, breakfast is the only meal that wasn’t made up of pizza. But that would have been a good idea…



More mediocre zucchini bread from yesterday. Maybe the remainder of this loaf will be made into bread pudding.

Clearly, dessert comes after breakfast:


More of the life-changing raw soft serve. The other day it was raspberry, but today it was deep, dark chocolate. This was made from one frozen banana, processed with 1 tablespoon of dark cocoa, ice-creamified in the food processor for about two minutes. Next time I’ll top it with some chocolate chips.



Pizza with real crust from yesterday. Plus, I bolstered this modest plate by swiftly preparing one of my favorite snacks:


Guess who?

Right, Dreena Burton’s ‘Vegveeta’ Cheese Dip. I halved the recipe, used almond milk, and added a generous amount of chili powder and salsa. Again, delightfully good.

Baking Time:


These are a work-in-progress for The Cinnamon Quill; they are ‘Thin Mints’ and the recipe is almost ready to be released. I tried painting the chocolate on with a decorating brush, but I will definitely go back to dipping them in chocolate, instead. Live and learn. Bake and learn.



More of yesterday’s flourless pizza from Gluten-Free Easily, along with some sauteed zucchini. All nicely packaged in a slightly out-of-focus photo. Pizza has never lasted so long in this house, but really, one to two pieces of the flourless variety is a meal! I am still thinking of alternate uses for the flourless crust. I was tempted to put the whole slice of pizza on bread and make it a sandwich; it also seems like it would be good as ‘lasagna’ dough, layered with a bunch of colorful vegetables. Still thinking!

Today was a pretty low-key kitchen day, with leftovers at every turn. Even though cooking/baking takes time, the payoff often lasts a few days.


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