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Day 16: An ode to leftovers.

It started out as usual, with breakfast:


These were left over from yesterday.

Post-Breakfast Snack:


More banana soft-serve ice cream (from Choosing Raw)! This time with a few frozen blackberries, since blackberry ice cream is one of my all-time favorites. This time, I had frozen slightly overripe bananas, whereas the previous times I’d used barely/just ripe bananas. The overripe bananas were sweeter, but also had a very strong banana flavor; the barely/just ripe bananas accepted other flavors more willingly. Since I am not (generally) a big banana fan, I’m going to stick with using less ripe bananas. Still, a total hit. For all the info on how to make this, check here.

Leftover Lunch:


Slightly out of focus, though no less delicious, leftovers from yesterday’s red lentil dal + red quinoa. Plus, I added part of a baked potato for variety.

And now, I’ll introduce you to some flops:


Baked donuts gone wrong!

They weren’t horrendous, but they were unfixable. They smelled like soft pretzels, and the centers were gum, despite varying the rise/bake times. Interesting, but at the end I was -not- left with a plate of donuts. Next time, right?

Zucchini chips gone mediocre:


Really, it must be me; these sound like a perfect way to use zucchini. For whatever reason, I had trouble getting them crisp, but not burned. I wasn’t sure how thinly to slice them, so I tried a few different thicknesses (ok, three pans’ worth). They are so close to being good, but somehow fall short. However, I know someone else will like them, and perhaps they will let me know what obvious mistake I am making? The recipe is from ‘The Thrive Diet’, check out the recipe here, on Google Books.

Leftover dinner:


Leftover vegetable pie, from yesterday. I am glad this is a leftover-eating-house because it’s super nice to make a dinner that will last for two nights. It means more free time in the kitchen, to, you know, make baked donut flops!

Dessert, anyone?


More blueberry mini pie, from, you guessed it, yesterday.

I owe it all to you, leftovers.


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